1. How do I go about putting merchandise in your auction?

First, a visit to your home or wherever the merchandise is stored is necessary. I will assess the type and quantity of merchandise. We will discuss my commission and any other fees. A contract will be written and a pick-up date will be determined.

2. What sort of commission do you require?

Commission ranges from 20-35% depending on the quality of merchandise. The more potential for a better return from auction, the lower the commission.

3. Do you ever have a lower commission rate?

Yes, if I am asked to auction higher end property.

4. Do you charge a pick up fee?

Yes, a pick up fee is assessed for every customer. Once again the fee is determined by the value of the property and the amount of property to be picked up.

5. What other fee may be involved?

Sometimes a "guarantee" is contracted. This usually occurs when an item will not bring a fair return.

6.When will I get paid for items having gone to auction?

You will be paid within 10 business days- guaranteed!